Just as ‘student centered' needs definition — and perhaps ‘child centered' or ‘adolescent centered' is better because it’s closer to ‘brain centered/emotionally tolerant' — then so would ‘learning centered.’ After all, not only do the best teachers claim that their learning spaces are ‘learning centered,’ but so do lecturers — convinced as they are that students passively taking notes via pencil represents what they think ‘learning’ is.

In our world “student centered" is based in our Seven Pathways to our Lifelong Learning Conpetencies. We define what we mean.

As we move forward we continue to try to define what we do, what we believe in, what we promise our children…

  • Ira Socol

Author, Dreamer, Educator: A life in service - NYPD, EMS, disabilities/UDL specialist, tech and innovation leader for education. Co-author of Timeless Learning

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