There is data, and then there is data. So yes, I graduated from a highly diverse high school that didn’t even require attendance on any consistent basis, and it’s record of success was phenomenal, and it produced leaders of every kind, so ….

Anecdotes, “my school did this,” have little value unless you can demonstrate patterns of changing the opportunities open to children.

So you may disagree, but in a relatively large district, with schools with every type of student population, our pathways are creating success on a consistent basis.

This adds to the body of evidence going back over a century that clearly shows that “open education” closes the opportunity gap and allows true life skills development.

  • Ira

Author, Dreamer, Educator: A life in service - NYPD, EMS, disabilities/UDL specialist, tech and innovation leader for education. Co-author of Timeless Learning

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