Yes, too long, but life intervenes. I spent the last few days talking with colleagues and a guy from Digital Promise about where we are in our 26 schools, where we hope to go next, where we feel most stuck, and what seems to block those who visit us from leaping onto the same pathway. And now I really appreciate your addition to the conversation and wish you’d been around the table Thursday evening or for lunch on Friday.

One of the first things I wrote once I found my way in grad school was called “Pushing-Past-the-Missionary-Position.” The notion of the teacher as missionary is so strong, and it is based in that Lord of the Flies myth of childhood as inherently savage and the notion of individual redemption. That leads to exactly the mindset you describe, and among teachers to a self-perception that is as difficult to shift as it is to change a religious belief.


Author, Dreamer, Educator: A life in service - NYPD, EMS, disabilities/UDL specialist, tech and innovation leader for education. Co-author of Timeless Learning

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