Technology in schools should never be invisible.

You know I love Chris but I have always deeply disagreed with this thought.

Over this week and next we’ll have about 700 kids in our CoderDojos. And we begin by telling them that we want them to be able to control their digital and (increasingly) real world environments, to be masters of their technology, not just consumer slaves, and that in order to do that we must be aware of how digital technology works and what it does.

Yes, this is part of the reason we find ways to invest in real Windows laptops under student control, and now in Raspberry Pi and Arduinos. We want technology to be ubiquitous and apparent. We want it’s operation to be thoughtful and student determined. Our 1:1 laptops begin by offering at least 3 ways of doing anything, so choice is always available. We are both 1:1 and BYOD so that students may choose moment-by moment. We have 90% of our middle school kids in at least one Mechatronics course.

Schools should be about enabling student choices in life. You can’t do that these days with iPads and Chromebooks and other choice limiting devices.

  • Ira Socol

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